Sheep, and bees, and water filters—oh my! What’s new in this year’s Global Gift Guide

Brand new gifts in this year’s Global Gift Guide are creating quite a “buzz” of excitement! Maybe because Bees for Honey are among the new gifts! Here’s the list of all five new gifts:

  1. This year, for the first time, you can give the gift of a beehive a struggling family and beekeeping training to produce plentiful, sweet honey—and a sustainable livelihood. Now that’s a sweet opportunity! Price: $100


  2. Introducing… Sheep! Superior sheep, to be exact. What makes these sheep superior? They’re Dorper sheep—a bigger, better breed that are superior in size and milk production, which means your gift will provide higher incomes for families in need. Plus, they’re pretty cute, aren’t they?! Price: $120

    Superior Sheep

  3. Also new this year— the gift of a water filter—a low-cost way to provide clean water to a family in Laos. These highly effective internal ceramic filters reduces bacteria in drinking water by up to 99%, plus remove germs and parasites that make people sick. And how cool is this? The filters are made in a village near our projects, so your gift supports the local economy, too! Price: $49

    Water Filter
  4. Want to do something really amazing this year? You can change the future of hundreds of children by giving them a place to learn with a new classroom. For years to come, thousands of children will benefit from this incredible gift. Can’t swing it alone? Pool resources with a group of friends, coworkers, or family members and make this Christmas one they’ll never forget. Price: $8,600

    Village Classrom
  5. Christmas is all about kids, right? This year, you can show an orphan that she is loved by supporting her for 3 months or more. It’s heartbreaking to think about, but many children have lost one or both parents to war, disease, or other circumstances, and are being cared for by a neighbor or friend. Your gift will be a lifeline to a precious orphan. Price: $245

    Protect an Orphan

Check out the entire Global Gift Guide online to see these and more than 40 other gifts that change lives!

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