A Light in the Darkest Place – Asha’s Story

This story is representative of what families are facing each day in dangerous conflict zones. As you read Asha’s story, put yourself in her shoes. What would you do without food for your children when even stepping outside puts yourself and your child in danger?

Asha’s Story

a woman in a veil holding her baby daughter

Note: This photo is representative of a mother like Asha and her child. 

Asha’s city used to have ancient buildings dating back to biblical times, but war has reduced everything to rubble. Places where her family enjoyed walking are now vacant except for groups of armed men watching for anything suspicious.

When her husband died in the war, Asha lost all hope. A few managed to escape the terror here … but many like Asha have nowhere to go and no way to get out.

Without a husband, she is nobody in her society. Her daughters are nobody. They have no money, no rights, and no protection.

With no food available, Asha and her little girls lived on watered down rice for nearly a year.

Their meager diet reduced her precious three-year-old to skin and bones. She grew listless and her eyes became vacant. Asha stopped eating to give her more food, but it didn’t help. Asha couldn’t save her.

All Asha has left now is her youngest—still a baby—and she will do anything to keep her alive. So when her neighbor told her about a food distribution nearby, even though it’s dangerous to go outside, Asha bound her baby to her body, covered them both, and left the house.

Asha worried about the food running out.

She had waited for hours before, only to return home with nothing. At the distribution site, Asha stood in line until she got to a table where a woman smiled and handed her a box of emergency food rations.

The woman’s eyes were kind and her gaze steady. No one had looked at Asha like that for a long time. Like she saw her. Like she truly cared about her. Asha looked away quickly, mumbled “thank you,” and took the box.

Back home, she took out the flour and oil and mixed it together with a little sugar and salt to make bread. Her baby’s eyes brightened as she ate, and Asha began to sing to her softly. Then, with her belly full, the little girl fell asleep in her mama’s arms.


Emergency food distributions are lifelines for families in crisis. Often during a conflict there is no way for food to reach hungry families.  And young children need enough food each day to grow healthy and strong. Without it, many do not survive.

You have the incredible opportunity to send emergency food to a child and her mom like Asha. In places that are not only dangerous but hard to reach your gift will shine as a tangible symbol of hope, and will help children survive.

Go to www.worldconcern.org/bread to send food to a starving child and her family today.

If Not Us, Then Who? Why We Serve at the End of the Road

There are places in the world where the road ends and help stops.

These places are desolate, isolated, and dangerous. The problems there—both natural and man-made—have gone on for too long to make the headlines. They are places where humanitarian aid has fallen short.

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World Concern 2018: A Year in Review

As a valuable member of our World Concern family, thank you for all you’ve done to help families in the poorest places, in Jesus’ name, around the world!

Join us in looking back on 2018 and see how you’ve helped the most vulnerable, beyond the very end of the road.

You Reached Rohingya Refugees

a woman wearing an orange headscarf holds her baby

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya families fled unspeakable violence in Myanmar and arrived in overcrowded refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Because of your generosity, these vulnerable families received shelter materials, hygiene kits, and other emergency supplies.  You helped make life-saving resources available in the midst of one of the world’s largest refugee crises.

You Cured Children from Parasites with the 44-Cent Cure

a boy in a green sweater holds up a small pill in front of a group of students

You cured children with intestinal parasites in places like Haiti and Bangladesh. You are changing lives and giving kids the chance to be kids again – to go to school, grow, and be healthy!

You Protected Children from Trafficking

a girl runs in the S.O.S. 5k in Shoreline

Through your support of the S.O.S. Initiative, you helped Seek Out and Stop child trafficking! In May, 1,000 people ran (or walked) the S.O.S. 5k at World Concern’s headquarters to raise support to stop child trafficking. You changed the course of vulnerable children’s lives, protecting them from exploitation and abuse.

You Provided Clean Water

kids smile and collect water from a well

Through wells and water filters, you provided clean, safe water to families and communities in need.

you Pledged to “Transform” 21 New Villages (Transform Gala)

world concern country directors celebrate on stage

The 2018 Transform Gala, held on September 29, was astounding success, raising over $1 million to help launch 21 new villages through their first year of transformation.

You Fed Hungry Children

a girl in a blue headscarf smiles as her arm is measured

You fed little ones in places like Somalia who now have full, nourished bellies  and healthy bodies thanks to emergency nutrition packets that reached them just in time.

You Reached Beyond the End of the Road

a woman smiles outside her hut in Kenya

You helped launch “One Village Transformed” communities this year in Kenya, Laos, Myanmar, and South Sudan.

We are so grateful for your partnership over this past year and pray that in 2019, together we’ll continue to transform lives in the world’s poorest places.

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You search for the best gifts for your children (or grandchildren) and once Christmas morning comes and the wrapping paper flies off in a flurry, they’re lost in the wonder of new gifts. It’s an exciting time for sure, but sometimes the true meaning of Christmas can get lost in the excitement.

Talking to your kids about generosity during the Christmas season is important, but finding the right time to do so can be difficult.

That’s why we’re here to help!

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The Largest Eyes I’ve Ever Seen

The suffering in our world overwhelms me. That’s why I work for World Concern. It helps to be part of a team that is doing something to make things better—one person, one family, one village at a time. Still, there are times while researching and writing that all I can do is pray over and over again, “Lord Jesus, have mercy.”

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One Mom’s Impossible Choice – Tiila’s Story

Tiila had a choice to make.

Either she could keep her baby, or give her baby away.

She longed to hold her child, to watch her grow and learn to talk and laugh, but Tiila knew that wasn’t possible. Because if she kept her daughter, her little one wouldn’t survive.

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