World Concern is a Christian humanitarian organization that helps lift people out of poverty through activities including microfinance, agriculture, disaster response and small business development. World Concern works in 22 countries, with the goal of transforming the lives of those we touch, leading them on a path to self-sustainability. As an organization, we aim to be transparent and effective in how we help. Various staff members from our U.S. headquarters and in the field contribute to this blog, keeping you informed of the ways we’re offering hope to six million people worldwide.


Jacinta in Kenya Jacinta Tegman is the President of World Concern.

“I am humbled by the opportunity to work on behalf of those who are overlooked, exploited, or in desperate need around the world,” says Jacinta. “The tireless work of our talented staff combined with the incredible support of our donors results in lasting, sustainable change in the lives of so many living in extreme poverty. We have the opportunity to partner with God and each other to see lives transformed.”

Jacinta served as a missionary and later as an associate pastor within her two decades of ministry experience prior to joining World Concern.

Cathy HerholdtCathy Herholdt seres as World Concern’s director of communications and marketing. With a background in journalism, Cathy honed her writing skills as the editor of the Journal Newspaper Group, where she worked for nearly seven years. She particularly enjoys interviewing interesting people and conveying their life stories, some of which she’ll share on this blog.