3 thoughts on “World Poverty Photos”

  1. These pictures are certainly a reminder that there is poverty in the world, as difficult as that may be to believe in our comfortably sheltered lives, there are people starving everyday and children especially suffer because their immune systems are not fully developped. The eternal question is of course what can we do? Some would even ask should we do anything at all? Why is it our responsability to help the poor, especially other countries’ poor? Well, it isn’t as if they could help themseleves. Poverty is not a life choice, it is a fact of life. Nobody chooses to be poor. If you were living in absolute poverty, meaning waking up hungry everyday and never knowing when your next meal was going to be, wouldn’t you want someone to help you? I am not suggesting handouts here. Many well-meaning people believe that the best way to aid the poor is to throw food and money at them. But is that really effective in the long run? So you fed a family for a month with your donation, have they learned any skills they could use to earn the money themselves? No, they have only learned to depend on the generosity of others, which is flighty at best if we’re being honest. Now, what if you spend that money you were going to use to feed that family for a month on a sheep instead. I would argue that it would be a better way to help that same family, because now they not only have the sheep’s milk to themselves but they can sell sheep cheese and wool as well as any future sheep offspring. Of course this is only my opinion and it is by no means the one solution out there. I think that social programs like education and job training are definitely good solutions that can help a lot of poor people. Usually they don’t have the education or skills to get a well-paying job so helping to provide that for them can help end the poverty cycle if just one member of a poor family can get a good job. What other solutions can anyone think of that would have a long-term impact on ending poverty, even for a single family?

  2. I’m ashamed of americans complaining about, people using any means they can, to come to the U.S.A. Sure it creates some issues. But nothing that cant be worked out. Am I my brothers keeper. You bet you ARE…..

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