Radio Personality Brings Spirit to Kenya

Seattle radio personality Matt Case is visiting World Concern's humanitarian projects in Kenya.
Seattle radio personality Matt Case is visiting World Concern's humanitarian projects in Kenya.

My friend Matt Case has temporarily left his job behind a microphone to see what life is like in African villages. Matt is the mid-day radio host on Christian radio station Spirit 105.3 in Seattle and has joined World Concern to visit some of our humanitarian aid projects in Kenya. He just arrived on Sunday and has completed his first full day in the field. The goal of this trip is to equip Matt with the truth: Compelled by Christ’s love, we can transform the lives of the poor and offer them hope.

In this first day, Matt has seen World Concern’s Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) program. He’s met widows and boys and girls who have lost their parents because of AIDS. World Concern is helping equip orphans and their new guardians to live healthy and productive lives.

Here’s a cool note I just received from Matt, with explanatiory notations from me:

Here in Narok (small town near a wildlife refuge) at the Chambi Hotel right now sitting with Sakuda (a World Concern staff member) … finished dinner after a long long hot and dusty day in the field! Did an OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) in-home visit…WOW!!! Local church pastor took us there with WC and it was amazing.

Then off to two sites……Empura and then Endoinyio Narasha welcomed by the kids and teachers singing. Kids are amazing and the love that we see there is fantastic! God is at work big time here. Saw clean water well, a bank, and I bought in and became a member of the bank with 3 shares!!! It was a long hot day and seeing the two widows on the OVC was a hard one on the heart. Took some toys to the kids and then we were all invited to join in in a traditional Massai dance…Yeah Dave Eller (World Concern’s president) was getting down!!! (Right on!) I have video to prove it!!!

Big day tomorrow so I must get going…I think its time for a tea (every day, several times a day) and Sakuda is telling the Mizungo (white person) is on the internet!!! Great times and we’ll try to email if we can. Internet has been down in Narok for 2 weeks I guess??? Not like home with wi fi EVERYWHERE…T.I.A (Truth in Action?) …this is Africa!

The internet connection kind of stinks where Matt is right now, but whenever he gets a chance, he’s posting to his Facebook page and shooting me a more detailed message as well. So check in a little later to this blog and get an update on his adventure in Africa!

Join Matt and support the work of World Concern in serving HIV and AIDS orphans.

World Concern provides support for those orphaned or vulnerable because of HIV and AIDS.
World Concern provides support for those orphaned or vulnerable because of HIV and AIDS.

7 thoughts on “Radio Personality Brings Spirit to Kenya”

  1. Was just listening to an update on the radio on my way to work this afternoon. I just came back from Uganda last month. We were there with MRI (Medical Relief International) on a dental mission trip( I had never done dental work before. I was a dental assistant). I heard in your voice what I felt in my heart, so full you don’t know what to do with it. I did a tour with the Ugandan Orphan’s Choir here in the states and thought I had heard all about Africa. Nothing can prepare you for what you see and feel when you are there. You will never be the same. I wish everyone could experience the love from the people of Africa. You are so thankful for clean water, toilets, food, paved roads. The list is endless of things to be thankful for. The need is so great for people to hear that God loves them. I want to go back (and I don’t do heat well). I can’t wait to go back and hug the little boy that I sponsor as a result of this trip. Have a great time Matt. Look forward to hearing more of your reports. Thanks.

  2. Hi Matt,
    Awesome experience for you to go to Africa and help with the orphans and widows, etc. Thanks for the updates online so we can follow along with you via/internet. It is my dream to go to Africa some day. How do you resist, not bringing home at least one of those beautiful orphans? I will follow along with you via internet.
    Blessings and protection on you! Deborah Wise
    (single mom living for Jesus)

  3. Matt I am so glad that you have the oportunity to see what is going on in Africa. I have been to Mexico serveral times and understand how difficult life can be. It is a great feeling to help someone else out. God Bless You and Looking forward to hearing how your trip is going.

  4. Hi Matt,

    What a fantastic opportunity to visit Africa! I pray your trip is safe, you stay healthy, and the Lord enables you to be a witness to the orphans and widows of Africa. May God bless you and others on your trip abundantly and prepare the hearts of those you will minister to! Miss you on SPIRIT 105.3.

  5. That’s so cool! We were both there in the field with them and at the hotel. Tell Matt he should be grateful to us for pointing him to Sakuda to find an internet signal. haha
    It’s great to hear those stories from another perspective. Can’t wait to see everyone back in Seattle!
    ~Miranda and Jamie (two interns in Kenya)

  6. Hi Matt. I enjoyed reading your blog from Arica. And I thank you for sharing your heart. You clearly have a tender heart, and a heart deeply commited to The Lord, and His calling on your life. I was listening your first day back, (I’M ALWAYS LISTENING DAY IN/DAYOUT)and when you shared with us, your listeners about the loss of your beloved grandmother, I wept with you, and I prayed for your family, and loved ones who are grieving her loss. May you find joy in many, many memories of her. God bless you Matt! I love you my brother.

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