World Concern’s Haiti Director: We Need Help Now

Children are vulnerable after the Haiti earthquake. World Concern humanitarians are trying to reconnect them with living family members.
Children are vulnerable after the Haiti earthquake. World Concern humanitarians are trying to reconnect them with living family members.

The director of World Concern’s humanitarian operations in Haiti called this morning, after a mobile phone network was repaired. Christon Domond said they need our support immediately. The city of Port Au Prince is overwhelmed by dead bodies, and the critical needs for survivors include clean water, medicine, blankets, plastic sheeting – and now – food.

World Concern’s Senior Director of Technical Support (the disaster lady) Merry Fitzpatrick, expects she will be able to fly out of Miami today to assist with the logistics. If a hurricane, civil war or earthquake hit your community, she’s the person you’d want with you, guiding you through the process.

Christon has been able to contact most of the staff, but not all. His family survived. We are also hearing about relatives of staff members who were killed in the earthquake. The primary World Concern building in Haiti remains standing and it is likely that the staff and their families who have lost their homes will live there for the foreseeable future.

World Concern employs more than 100 people in Haiti, a staff of people native to the country, who are trained and ready to respond. Though they may have lost their own homes, and even relatives, they have begun their critical, life-saving work. In the past, they have successfully responded to many disasters, including three 2008 hurricanes.

Seattle-based World Concern has worked in Haiti since 1978 and currently provides hope to 125,000 people. Our work with the poor includes microfinance, agriculture, disaster response and small business development. World Concern works with the poor in 24 countries, with the goal of transforming the lives of those we touch, leading them on a path to self-sustainability.

Worldwide, World Concern offers life, opportunity and hope to more than six million people.

Give online:, or call 1-866-530-5433

Average Cost of Disaster Supplies:

Blankets: $50 for a family of five

Plastic Sheeting: $20 per family. Good for shelter, lining latrines, other uses

Water purification: $10 for 100 gallons

Food: $1 per meal

10 thoughts on “World Concern’s Haiti Director: We Need Help Now”

  1. I dont really have enough money to take care of the people depending on me… But I will gladly leave my home if I can give of myself, These people need my help more than those expecting of me for their comfort… If you or any other organization need a strong able bodied man to help, please contact me at… Id be more than happy to help these desperate people

  2. my heart and my prayers are for the people in Haiti , i just wish that i can come and help as a person to help the rescuers and be one of them , i am Marwan Geara from Lebanon . my phone number is 0096170176797

  3. I commend the work you do — and obviously have done for all these years.

    Would it be possible to assist us in sending assistance (funds for food, etc) to specific areas? I am particurly concerned for the nuns at the Convent of St. Joseph de Cluny in the Lalue neighborhood of Port-au-Prince. They are without much assistance; several nuns have been injured, the orphanage has been damaged and there is a group of elderly nuns who are retired there without assistance. Please advise if you can help me get some funds and any other assistance to them directly. Thank you in advance for your help and may God continue to sustain you in the work you do for His children.

  4. I am interested in finding out ways that 4 adults could become involved in the relief work in Haiti. Due to current commitments we would not be able to travel until April 2010.
    Who we are:
    Edie – registered nurse with experience in NICU, obstetrics, public health, teaching and medical-surgical
    Dan – physically fit adult who by profession is a photographer. has been involved with building projects
    Nathan – physically fit adult whose educational training is in photography, video-graphy, web design and graphics. He has past work experience in construction & landscaping
    Caleb – physically fit adult who has begun his apprenticeship as an automobile mechanic. He has worked on construction and electrical projects

    Thank you for considering how we may become involved in the work in Haiti


  5. Thank you for the good work you are doing, may the good lord bless the works of your hands.
    We would like to be part of the helping team, we are frm uganda, east africa. We are ready to do any voluntery work available such that we can help our brethren in Haiti.
    Hope to hear from you soon

  6. I am a young Haitian, I have a training in agronomy and I have a specialization in Sciences and Technology of Food, I am ready has to participate has seminaries then in return to help the others, I would like to work with you as volunteer during at least one month. It will be my participation to help my Haitian brothers and sisters.
    Prayer to contact me: by email:, and by telephone: 509 ) 37 31 35 25

  7. I’ve just returned from a 10 day trip to Haiti on June 23, 2010. I see mostly cement debris everywhere. Most of my time was spent in Laogane. Is World Concern doing any work presently in Laogane? There has been millions of dollars donated through the Red Cross, etc. and yet there seems to be very little evidence of progress in the infrastructure of that country! Politics maybe?

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