A letter and stamps from the women at Dawson State Jail.

Incarcerated women help stamp out parasites

Almost every day at World Concern, we see this principle: “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” (Acts 20:35) have an impact on the lives of our supporters.

A letter and stamps from the women at Dawson State Jail.
Women at Dawson State Jail send postage stamps in support of the 44-Cent Cure.

Recently we received an amazing letter from a woman named Jennifer in Dawson State Jail in Dallas, Texas. One day, she was exercising and listening to KLTY 94.9 FM and heard about the 44-Cent Cure.

“As a mom, my heart went out as a 13-year-old boy told about being so ill, his parents thought he would die,” she wrote. “I couldn’t believe my ears. Forty-four cents? For the cost of a stamp I could provide medicine to cure a child of parasites?”

Unable to send money for obvious reasons, Jennifer realized she could still help, by giving of what she had – postage stamps. She asked other women in her dorm if they’d like to participate and many were excited to be able to make a difference in the lives of children around the world.

“We’ve named our project ‘Stamp Out Parasites’ (Prison Project) – S.O.P.3 – three like the Trinity,” wrote Jennifer. “Already we have shared this idea with others both in the world and on other units. You will be able to expect other donations in the name of S.O.P.3

This letter reminded me of when Jesus praised a widow for her offering in Mark 12:44.

kenyan children
Poor children, like these in Kenya, are often infected with parasites that make them sick. A child can be cured for the cost of a postage stamp.

“They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

Jennifer has since moved on from this dorm, but the women there are continuing her legacy. They’re sending stamps and even volunteering their time to hand-write thank you notes to our donors.

Anyone can give, regardless of their situation. And when we do, we’re blessed in return.

Learn more about the 44-Cent Cure at www.worldconcern.org/curekids.

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Cathy Herholdt

Cathy Herholdt

Cathy Herholdt is World Concern's Marketing and Communications Director. With a background in journalism, Cathy honed her writing skills as a newspaper editor and now enjoys sharing the inspiring stories of those World Concern serves. She has served with World Concern since 2010.

4 thoughts on “Incarcerated women help stamp out parasites”

  1. Thank you for writing about Jennifer Read. Her program continues though she has long since been transferred to another Texas unit. The girls in this Christian dormitory, ‘Emmanuel Dorm’ here at Dawson State Jail continue to collect stamps for this project. Though behind bars of steel, love reaches across the continents with hopes to save a life of a child.
    Steve and Lucy Griffith, Directors
    Grace and Mercy Ministries, Inc.

  2. Hi, my name is Kathy Gibson, I was in the Emanual Dorm at Dawson State Jail with Jennifer, and participated in the stamp program and took over the program when she left, I was very proud of our Dorm and our project, thank you to Tara Garcia who supported me during my time of being in charge of our program which ended up being over a year, thank you to all the beautiful women that came and went from our dorm, to all our mentors who came and taught us what we didn’t know or had obviously forgotten, and with much love and respect a special thank you to Steve and Lucy who took on this special Dorm and taught us all so much, thank you Warden Bryd for allowing this Dorm to be and Mrs Downey Craig for allowing her son to come and teach us Revelations its been 3 years and nobody has taught or explained this book better than he did. I love you Bev and Shelly, Miss Mary and my special friend Vivian Busby.
    Kathy Gibson

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