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No Child Should be Sold for Sex

For the past year I had an anticipation about turning 40, which happened in January. I attempted to crush the world’s voice in my head that often chants silly and pity-filled blues about turning 40. I on the other hand, was ready to enter my 40’s with jubilation and eagerness for what was to come in my next 40 years.

The topic of how to celebrate my birthday was a conversation with many friends and ideas were flowing in and out of my mind on a daily basis, but nothing seemed to stick. Then one early fall morning, I woke up at 4 a.m. and had a vision of what I was going to do. I pictured myself standing on a stage holding a big cardboard check made out to World Concern for $40,000. I went back to bed, in a bit of a fog, but when I woke up it was clear what I needed to do. I was going to use my 40th birthday as vehicle to gather everyone I know and raise $40,000 for World Concern and help save the lives of 1,000 children. That stuck. That grabbed my heart.

My family has been involved with World Concern for years now and I knew it was a perfect partnership for my fundraiser. World Concern is brilliant at their ability to love and serve the world, and they’re experts at protecting children in some of the poorest places. It did not take long to decide that I wanted to raise money specifically to help end child trafficking, because…

No child should be sold for sex.

Doing a fundraiser to help end human trafficking forced me to stop and think about the ugly sinful capability of mankind. It forced me to realize that as I sit in the comfort of my life with three precious kids of my own, there are horrific crimes occurring against young children. It forced me to ask questions and be curious about how this crime even happens and more importantly how it can be put to an end.

I sat in those thoughts, angered, indignant, and uncomfortable. It produced in me a call to action. I felt I had to do something. In that call to action, I had the chance to bring others into that thought life, a thought life about others around the world and this despicable crime and a way to make it end, because…

No child should be sold for sex.

So, I did it. I rallied my friends, family—everyone I knew—and together, WE did it. My family and friends gave generously because they also considered the ugly thoughts of what this fundraiser was about, they knew the impact their donation could make, and they responded to the call of action. That night, I stood on a stage holding a big cardboard check written out for $40,000. Because of that, 1,000 precious, innocent little ones will be safe from the hands of traffickers.

People responded to a call to action, because…

No child should be sold for sex.

Think about that: A child sold for sex. What would it be like for you to sit with the uncomfortable thoughts about this sick crime of child trafficking? I guarantee your heart will become restless, unsettled and want to act.

So today, I am calling on you to rally with me. We can work together as we participate World Concern’s Free Them 5k. Will you join me on Saturday, May 7, in Shoreline and take a stand to protect children and refuse to ignore this problem?

When you register for the Free Them 5k, you’ll have the opportunity to invite your friends to support you in this cause, knowing that they’ll be eager to act on this too, because…

No child should be sold for sex.

Mindy Lee Irvine is a mom of three and passionate supporter of World Concern. In January 2016, she celebrated her 40th birthday by raising $40,000 to protect children from human trafficking. She will be participating in the 8th Annual Free Them 5k to Stop Human Trafficking on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at World Concern’s headquarters.

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Cathy Herholdt

Cathy Herholdt is World Concern's Senior Communications Director. With a background in journalism, Cathy honed her writing skills as a newspaper editor and now enjoys sharing the inspiring stories of those World Concern serves. She has served with World Concern since 2010.

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  1. On April 25, 2015 earthquake stroke Nepal. We were in tent. It was a fearful situation even to manage our own stuffs. But, as a social focused I along with my father, who is also social focused went to the affected area. Later, we made a plan and informed the like-minded and interested. After a quick evening meeting we planned to collect information in a form that will reflect about the situation and at the same time we will teach about the importance of health (personal, surrounding, drinking water and nutritious food) during the situation. And, also planned to provide hand washing soap, insecticide, tablets to use to clean water for drinking and nutritious food.

    More than a week sometime whole team and sometime only in a team of two went to the planned areas.

    Once, when we were about to leave the area. There is a small restaurant run by one local who started it after returning from labor work from outside. I was thinking to have a cup of tea but, I just had to stop. I felt shameful of being a human. I could clearly identify that the person who was sitting there along with other people stood up. His face was fully shameful too. Because, they were not only drinking, I later found that he was a teacher who comes everyday in the village for teaching. It was just a confirmation but, by looking at the appearance, I had already known about it.

    A age about 12 – 14 was with him very close as they were couple. The child’s face was also hesitating because he was there to achieve some food to eat that was in the table. He does not know that instead of food he is being abused.

    This really reflects the situation that how people like teacher valuable are taking advantage for to fulfill their sexual need. I have been told that how young boys are fainted and abused by the elder. To reach the deepest level of this situation and save children from such activities that hampers their future psychological development we are planning a 3 – 5 years program with a health education at the public schools of Nepal.

    Our working method is to understand the problems and such situation is better to handle indirectly. We hope that this will be effective. And, we seek your kind support and prayer.

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