Solar Audio Bibles Bring God’s Word to the Unreached

Sharing the gospel is difficult among the Morans – young men in Northern Kenya who live outside their villages in order to guard them. But when they were given solar audio Bibles, they were happy to listen to them.

man with a solar audio Bible
Lpenesi never heard the Word of God or anything about Jesus until the Moran’s sports evangelism event when he gave his life to Christ.

A unique and powerful way to share about the Lord is through solar-powered audio Bibles. These allow people to hear the Word of God in their own language, regardless of their ability to read. A solar audio Bible brings God’s Word to people in the poorest, most remote places in the world, like the Samburu region where the Morans live.

Recently, the Morans came to a day of competitions, games, and delicious food. When the sun went down, ninety young men watched “The Jesus Film.” And many prayed to accept Christ as their personal Savior. They each received an audio Bible.

man listening to a solar audio Bible
Letitiya loves listening to the audio Bible while herding livestock.
man with closed eyes listening to a solar audio Bible
Toima says the contents of the audio Bible are good for the heart. He plans to share the Bible with his family when he gets married.

Imagine the life-changing impact the gospel has for a Moran. A personal relationship with the Lord changes everything for them. Suddenly they have something to rely on that is greater than themselves. There is someone with them when they’re all alone. And they have an eternity with Jesus to look forward to. The truth sets them free and fills them with joy. You can see it on their faces!

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Elizabeth Griffin

Elizabeth Griffin is the Senior Writer for World Concern.

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  1. Proverbs 11:25 A generous soul will prosper, and he who waters others will himself be watered of the Lord.

  2. Dear Sir;
    Do you folks handle solar audio Bibles? What languages are offered? Several months ago, I was in Zimbabwe working with agriculture and they requested if I could get them new bibles! I promised to try to see if I could locate some!Someone suggested solar Audio Bibles might be good for those folks. If you handle them, can you get them to Zimbabwe? What costs?
    Ken Rice
    4862 Woodbury Pike
    Roaring Spring, PA 16673

  3. I am working with the Samburu. Can I get both written and audio Bibles in bulk at a good price? Please have someone contact me ASAP as I go back at the end of the month.

    1. Hi Brian, we only source bibles and audio bibles for distribution through our programs, but we might be able to connect you with the source. Please reach out via email to and ask to be connected with Cathy. Thanks.

  4. I am a missionary in the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea and I am interested in your audio bible devices. I am translating the Bible for a specific people group and I want to buy your device so I can manually add audio files in the people’s own language. Is your device set up so I can manually add my own Bible translation audio files?

    1. Hi Caleb, we purchase the audio bibles in local languages in the countries where we work. Sorry we can’t help, but thank you for your ministry in Papua New Guinea! Blessings.

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