A Goat Brings Smiles Worth A Thousand Words


Sometimes seen in a petting zoo, sometimes along the side of the road eating away at never-ending blackberry bushes.

They’re kind of small, with coarse, thick hair, and known for consuming just about anything.

You might even ask yourself: “What’s so great about goats?”

Mugo could tell you.

For Mugo and his family, a goat made all the difference in the world.

How a Goat Saved Mugo’s Family

After his mom died, Mugo’s dad was left alone to raise and care for seven young children, four little girls and three boys. His dad worked long, hard hours as a butcher, but was still not able to provide for all his children.

“We couldn’t afford shoes, clothes, and daily food to stay in school,” Mugo says.

But that all changed when Mugo received a goat.

A boy in Haiti receives two goats
Mugo holds the rope of the first goat he received.

Here’s what a single goat did for Mugo:

  1. A goat provided extra nutrition (from the goat milk) and income (from selling the milk).
  2. With extra income from the goat, children can afford to go to school and families like Mugo’s can put food on the table.
  3. Goats also reproduce quickly, so offspring can be kept for breeding or sold to another family in need.

The Ripple Effect of a Goat

Now, thanks to the income from his goat, Mugo dreams of going back to school and helping his dad provide for his six other siblings.

Mugo’s only in third grade, and at 16 years old, he’s more than a few years behind. With the money from raising a goat, however, Mugo will be able to return to school and continue his education when the next semester begins.

And he’s not keeping this gift to himself. After his goat gave birth to two baby goats, Mugo immediately thought of his friend from school.

“I’m happy to share my joy with one of my classmates, giving him one of two goats.”

Now Mugo’s friend (and family) will be able to reap the same benefits as Mugo’s family.  And so begins the ripple effect of a goat, changing lives one family at a time.

We heard from staff in Haiti that as Mugo was telling this story, he couldn’t stop smiling. Mugo’s joy and gratitude was so infectious it spread to everyone around him. Soon all the staff members and villagers were smiling, sharing in Mugo’s extraordinary happiness.

And did you know that you can give a goat to young boy or girl just like Mugo? Using World Concern’s Global Gift Guide, you can bless a child in need with a goat this Christmas.