Why We’re Thankful for Goats (and you should be, too!)

It’s a funny thing to be thankful for a goat.

But in this season of gift exchanges and acts of kindness, a goat is at the top of the list when asked “What are you thankful for this Christmas?”

That’s because one goat has the power to transform a child’s life.

How a Goat
Changes Lives

It’s not just a goat – it’s so much more. Many children in poverty don’t have enough food to eat and can’t afford to go to school. Instead, they stay at home or help their parents work. But a goat can change all of that.

a girl holds a goat


Goats produce lots of nutritious milk, which is just what a
growing child needs to be healthy and strong. Plus, any extra milk the goat
gives can be sold at the market for extra income. Bellies once empty and
growling are now full of nourishing milk.  


Kids can earn money by selling extra goat milk. But that’s not all. When a goat gets older, the goat can be bred and offspring sold. Soon, there are more than a few baby goats bouncing around!

That’s when something pretty neat happens – the first baby goat born is often given to another child in the same community, creating a ripple effect of giving. And from then on, all the baby goats can be sold for extra income.

Education, and so much more!

After a while, from selling milk and baby goats, a child is able
to set aside money and save. With this money they can help their family put
food on the table and pay their school fees.

This is critical. When a child is able to save and go back to school, her entire future changes. With income (thanks to a goat!), she’s able to return to school and dream of who she can become. A doctor, a teacher – the sky’s the limit!

Candio’s Story

a boy stands next to two goats

Candio knew he was behind in the 6th grade, but he had no money to
pay for school. Then that changed when Candio received a goat!

“Since I received this goat my life has transformed. I am working now!” declared Candio with joy. “I take care of my goat every day. I will have no more problems to pay for my school fees. I can tell you that my future is becoming more and more secure and happiness is in my heart. You can see I have two goats in my hand – I will give one to another child in my village in order to transform his life, too.”

How to Give
a Goat this Christmas

You can give a goat this Christmas, transforming a child’s life in honor of a friend or loved one. It’s a meaningful way to give gifts and celebrate the holidays!

We know the gift of a goat is one your friends and loved ones will love to receive. To learn more about giving a goat, visit www.globalgiftguide.org/products/give-a-goat.

The Most Unique Gifts to Give this Christmas





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One Mom’s Impossible Choice – Tiila’s Story

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Either she could keep her baby, or
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Salt and Light – A Message of Hope

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