a girl in a red scarf holds up a small white pill

The Most Unique Gifts to Give this Christmas

Socks? Check. Sweater? Check. Gift card? Check, check, and check. If this is what your shopping list looks like around Christmas, you’re not alone. It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of the holiday season and leave your shopping until the last minute. Before you know it, you’re giving gifts that look eerily similar to what you gave last year. Is it time for a change? What if this year you give unique gifts that aren’t just extraordinary, they’re also extra-meaningful?

Why Shop for Meaningful Christmas Gifts

Each gift in the Global Gift Guide transforms the life of a mom, dad, or child in extreme poverty. They’re not your average Christmas gifts. From a water filter to chickens, these gifts tangibly help people in poverty for years to come. The joy you share by giving meaningful gifts lasts long after Christmas morning. From the smiles you bring to your friend or loved one who receives the gift to the joy you feel when you give, knowing it makes a lasting impact is much more satisfying than the unworn sweater in your closet.

The Most Unique (and popular!) Gifts to Give this Year

Here are some of our most popular, unique gifts you’ll love to give this Christmas:
a boy smiles holding a water glass

Water Filter

Imagine drinking water that’s filthy and full of bacteria that makes you sick. That’s reality for many families in the world’s poorest places. Your gift of a water filter changes lives by providing a way for a family to have safe, disease-free water to drink!
a girl in a red scarf holds up a small white pill

44-Cent Cure

Your Christmas gift can cure 100 children of intestinal parasites. That’s right – one gift cures 100 children! You can make this incredible impact in someone’s honor, ensuring kids are free from painful stomach worms and restored to full health.
boys playing soccer
Photo by Helen Manson/Tearfund NZ

Soccer Balls

Soccer balls are not only one of the most fun gifts to give, but one with a deeper meaning. Kids need a way to burn off energy, learn teamwork, and improve their communication skills. Playing soccer allows them to do just that! It’s a fun, unique gift that’s sure to bring joy to kids in some of the world’s poorest places.
a boy walks with other children on a path to school


Going to school isn’t possible for many kids in poverty because they can’t afford to pay the school fees. Your gift this Christmas sends a child to school for an entire year! That’s a year they can learn, grow, and dream about the future.
a girl in a white dress bends over a clean water well

A Well

You can impact an entire village with the gift of a well! A well is often the first step to transformation for an entire community or village. It’s a great gift to come together with your family, friends, or small group to give!

Give a Unique Gift this Christmas

Giving is quick and easy – click to view all gifts (or one mentioned above) and select a gift you know your family member or friend would love to know someone in need received in their honor. With each gift you have the option of sending a free e-card or printed card to your friend or loved one that tells them about the gift that’s been given in their name. Try something different this year and give unique and meaningful gifts from the Global Gift Guide!