four boys sitting behind a desk at school in Kenya

World Concern 2018: A Year in Review

As a valuable member of our World Concern family, thank you for all you’ve done to help families in the poorest places, in Jesus’ name, around the world!

Join us in looking back on 2018 and see how you’ve helped the most vulnerable, beyond the very end of the road.

You Reached Rohingya Refugees

a woman wearing an orange headscarf holds her baby

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya families fled unspeakable violence in Myanmar and arrived in overcrowded refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Because of your generosity, these vulnerable families received shelter materials, hygiene kits, and other emergency supplies.  You helped make life-saving resources available in the midst of one of the world’s largest refugee crises.

You Cured Children from Parasites with the 44-Cent Cure

a boy in a green sweater holds up a small pill in front of a group of students

You cured children with intestinal parasites in places like Haiti and Bangladesh. You are changing lives and giving kids the chance to be kids again – to go to school, grow, and be healthy!

You Protected Children from Trafficking

a girl runs in the S.O.S. 5k in Shoreline

Through your support of the S.O.S. Initiative, you helped Seek Out and Stop child trafficking! In May, 1,000 people ran (or walked) the S.O.S. 5k at World Concern’s headquarters to raise support to stop child trafficking. You changed the course of vulnerable children’s lives, protecting them from exploitation and abuse.

You Provided Clean Water

World Concern 2018 Year in Review a girl drinks clean water

Through wells and water filters, you provided clean, safe water to families and communities in need.

Between July, 2018 and June, 2019 you provided 44 new water sources to provide clean water to One Village Transformed villages.

Families were taught hygiene and clean water safety to keep their children healthy.

you Pledged to “Transform” 21 New Villages (Transform Gala)

world concern country directors celebrate on stage

The 2018 Transform Gala, held on September 29, was astounding success, raising over $1 million to help launch 21 new villages through their first year of transformation.

You Fed Hungry Children

a girl in a blue headscarf smiles as her arm is measured

You fed little ones in places like Somalia who now have full, nourished bellies  and healthy bodies thanks to emergency nutrition packets that reached them just in time.

You Reached Beyond the End of the Road

a woman smiles outside her hut in Kenya

You helped launch “One Village Transformed” communities this year in Kenya, Laos, Myanmar, and South Sudan.

We are so grateful for your partnership over this past year and pray that in 2019, together we’ll continue to transform lives in the world’s poorest places.