World Concern: A Year in Review

We invite you to look back with us on 2017, and see what you have been a part of throughout the year. Thank you for all you are doing to transform lives across the world!

New “One Village Transformed” Communities

Throughout 2017 a total of six One Village Transformed (OVT) communities were launched, including the villages of Pagisi, Uganda and Hindu Para, Bangladesh. With the help of village sponsors, communities determine their greatest needs such as clean water, education, and food scarcity. Seeking to empower families and communities, it is our desire to see these villages become thriving, self-sufficient communities.

Pagisi, Uganda

a man sits outside his home in Uganda

Hindu para, Bangladesh

a woman cooks a meal in Bangladesh

Hafeza received training from World Concern about sanitation practices and the importance of women’s rights.

“We used to suffer a lot, but now we understand how to take care of ourselves.”

Drought in Somalia

For the past two years, northern Somalia has suffered from a severe drought, forcing families to migrate from their villages in search of water. Leaving behind homes and livelihoods, these families and children were starving, and without any source of water. World Concern responded to this crisis by delivering emergency nutripackets, trucking in fresh water, and providing other long-term solutions.

Fadhigab, Somalia

children gather water during severe drought in Somalia

Abdirisak, only 11 years old, gathers water from a shallow well with his sisters. The water is salty, but as the drought worsens they find water wherever they can. To meet their family’s needs, these siblings collect water five times a day.

Gasaweine, Somalia

a woman sits outside her tent in Somalia

65 year-old Habiba outside of her home in Somaliland.

S.O.S 5k

This year in May the FreeThem 5k became the S.O.S. 5k, which stands for “Seek Out and Stop” child trafficking. The annual event brings together hundreds of people to raise awareness for the exploitation of children in Southeast Asia.

This year, 1,000 people either ran or walked the course in Shoreline, raising over $200,000 to support World Concern’s child protection programs in places like Myanmar, Laos, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

Shoreline, WA

Conflict in South Sudan

In June of this year, violence broke out in Wau, South Sudan. Families were forced to flee from their homes as the conflict continued to spread, and were left without a way to provide for themselves. World Concern is actively working within camps, providing tents, buckets, soap, and other emergency supplies to displaced families.

Wau, South Sudan

Three girls collect water in a camp in Wau, South Sudan.

Kuanya, South Sudan

a man learns how to fish and make nets in South Sudan

Albino has the progress of his nets checked by local staff. Albino was selected from his community to learn fish preservation, net braiding, and net maintenance. In Kuanya, World Concern seeks to improve the community’s nutrition and economic conditions, and provide long-lasting solutions.

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma, a historic Category 5 hurricane, made landfall in northern Haiti on September 7, causing significant damage to many villages along the coast. World Concern distributed water filters and mosquito nets to families whose homes were damaged by the storm.

Bernard, Haiti

children outside in rural Haiti

Situated in the mountains of Haiti, the village of Bernard is left vulnerable to natural disasters such as hurricanes, landslides, and flooding.

Transform Gala

On the evening of September 17, World Concern hosted our annual gala to celebrate the transformation that is taking place throughout the world. Thanks to generous donors, thousands of lives will be impacted in the world’s poorest places.

Malikom, Myanmar

Daw Hitram, whose story was featured during Transform, shared about the life-saving training she received from World Concern with her community.

“There are so many changes after receiving this health education. There are no longer people dying the way they used to. If they get sick from malaria, we now know how to treat it.”

Shoreline, WA

World Concern staff, country directors, and supporters celebrate the transformation they are making.

44-Cent Cure

World Concern continues to distribute the 44-Cent Cure in the world’s poorest places, where children are suffering from intestinal worms. Intestinal worms cause pain, sickness, and stunted grown in developing children.

The 44-Cent Cure is one of the most effective ways to cure intestinal worms in children as a simple pill, followed up with hygiene resources, kills the parasites in a child’s body.

Bernard, Haiti

a mother and her son wait to receive deworming medicine in Haiti

This little boy is waiting with his mom to receive deworming medication that will cure him, and help him grow healthy and strong.

Children’s March

In early October, 6,500 children walked to raise awareness for children’s rights in Sri Lanka.

Puthukkudiyiruppu, Sri Lanka

girls participate in the Children's Walk in Sri Lanka

“All children have to understand their rights, and today we walked to be a part of bringing awareness. If I know my rights I can protect myself from any abuse in the future.” – Ahmat, age 14

A boy and his father participate in the annual Children’s March.

Rohingya Refugee Crisis

World Concern is currently responding to the Rohingya refugee crisis. Rohingya families have been fleeing their homes for safety in Bangladesh since late August, with over 600,000 arriving in refugee camps in a matter of months. In these overcrowded camps, there is a severe lack of food, water, and hygiene. World Concern is working to provide emergency supplies and other basic necessities for refugee families.

Thaingkhali, Bangladesh

A Rohingya man receives shelter and emergency supplies in an unofficial refugee camp.


Thank you for being part of the incredible, life-saving work that took place in 2017. As we begin this new year, we pray God’s light and love will transform even more lives in the poorest, furthest out places.