Emergency Nutrition Saves Children in Northern Kenya

Emergency nutrition is saving the lives of children who eat only once a day in parts of Northern Kenya.

Their mothers eat even less. They give everything they have to feed their children.

Lolmodooni and her daughter.
The night is too long for this mom and her children.

Moms lay awake at night, listening to their precious ones as they cry out in their sleep. They wish for morning to come so they can search for food to fill their children’s bellies.

There is very little food because the ongoing drought has dried up their crops and vegetation. Livestock have died. And moms are fortunate to have even a bowl of watered-down porridge made from corn flour and water to give their children for breakfast.

A Mobile Clinic Brings Emergency Nutrition

women at the emergency nutrition clinic  

Women walked from nearby villages to our emergency nutrition mobile clinic. They carried and led their children, and waited in line for hours to be seen.

little boy having his arm measured
This little boy’s arm measurement shows he is severely malnourished.

A special measuring tape is used to see where the child’s upper arm measures on a scale to determine malnutrition. If they measure in the “green” zone, they are healthy. The “yellow” zone indicates that they are moderately malnourished. And if their arm measures in the “red” zone, they are severely malnourished and need immediate help.


A woman holds Nutripackets.

Help comes in the form of Nutripackets—the special formula of a peanut-butter like paste filled with all the protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals a malnourished child needs to be restored to a healthy weight and good health.

One to three months of Nutripackets are given to children under age 5 who need them. It is worth the wait in line for their moms, and they leave with hope that their little ones will live.

a child eating a Nutripacket
This little girl is enjoying her Nutripacket.

Hope Restored

After her child had eaten Nutripackets for a few weeks a mother said, “Now my child is recovering. But when she was suffering, she was not feeling well, and she was very sad.”

Please give Nutripackets to a starving child by clicking here.


Published by

Elizabeth Griffin

Elizabeth Griffin is the Senior Writer for World Concern.