Emergency Nutrition for only $11?

We’re in the middle of a campaign to provide emergency nutrition right now. $11 buys one month’s worth of Nutripackets for children who are starving to death in parts of Northern Kenya and Somalia.

There isn’t enough food where they live.

I have to pause and remember to breathe when I hear that.

Children starving to death. Not enough food.

I have no idea what that would be like. I have never gone a day in my life without food, unless I chose to. Even then, my self-imposed fast could quickly and easily be broken by simply going to my refrigerator or pantry.

My two sons have never, ever gone hungry. They both weighed in the 90% range as babies. They were chubby. And they grew up to be healthy and strong.

Every child deserves to have enough food to eat. Every mother deserves to have chubby babies.

There’s not enough food for Naserian to eat

baby getting her arm measured
Naserian being measured to see if she’s malnourished.

I see photos of a little girl named Naserian and my heart breaks. She is two years old and she is not talking or walking yet. She cries all the time because she is so hungry it hurts. And I wonder if there is hope for her.

You see, malnutrition can rob a little one’s body of so much that the damage can be irreversible.

I’m not an expert in nutrition, but I know enough to know that a baby needs lots of healthy fat to make brain cells develop properly. She needs protein and carbohydrates. And vitamins and minerals. All of this is necessary to make her healthy and strong, and it should be something her mother doesn’t have to worry about every day.

There should be food for her to eat whenever she’s hungry. But where Naserian lives, there isn’t enough food.

And it’s not anyone’s fault. Naserian’s mother is a good mom. She is not neglecting her daughter. In fact, she worries about her little girl. She lies awake at night hearing her restless movements in the dark, her moans of hunger, her cries. She misses meals to give Naserian her portion.

I bet it rips her heart to shreds to hold her limp little daughter who won’t stop crying.

But no matter how much Naserian’s mother wants it, there is simply not enough food in Northern Kenya where they live. The drought is ongoing and it’s taken all they have. Goats that are still alive have no milk left to give. Crops failed long ago. There is NOTHING TO EAT.


But there is hope …

Even in the midst of all this bad news … I have some good.

The good news is that you and I are not completely powerless against this starvation. We can actually save Naserian’s life. We can give her the emergency nutrition she needs.

All it takes for us to save a little child like Naserian today is $11.

$11 provides a month’s worth of emergency nutrition in the form of Nutripackets to a starving child like Naserian.

Nutripackets are emergency nutrition
A month of Nutripackets saves a child’s life, and it only costs $11.

Nutripackets are powerful packets of peanut butter paste filled with all the protein, nutrients, healthy fats, and vitamins that Naserian needs. They are formulated to be easy to digest so little ones who haven’t had enough to eat for a while are able to absorb them.

Once Naserian starts eating Nutripackets, it will seem like a miracle how quickly her body gains strength. She will stop crying, she will begin to respond and play, and she will gain weight within a couple of weeks.

What else would I do with $11?

I don’t know about you, but I spend $11 without even thinking about it. It can buy:

      • Two lattes
      • One sandwich
      • A movie ticket
      • An inexpensive T-shirt
      • A Takeout meal on a Friday night

OR I can give a month’s worth of emergency nutrition that will save a little girl’s life.

Now that’s a worthy investment. I can’t pass that up.

Click here to learn how your $11 can feed a child like Naserian.


Published by

Elizabeth Griffin

Elizabeth Griffin is the Senior Writer for World Concern.