When You Give a Kid a Goat

When you give a kid living in poverty in a remote village a goat … It can end up changing their entire life.

Right now you’re thinking “Really? Come on. It’s just a goat.”

Yes. It is “just a goat.” But a goat means a lot more to a child in a poor family beyond the end of the road than it does to someone else.

Want to hear more?

When you give a kid a goat, children like these little girls have nutritious milk to drink every day and money to pay school fees.

a girl with a goat  a girl with a goat






When you give a kid a goat it gives them:

  • Nutritious milk to drink with enough for their entire family, which leads to better health
  • Offspring from their goat—goats often give birth to twins or triplets, and sometimes more
  • Income from the sale of this offspring, and a growing herd of milk and offspring producing livestock
  • More income so he or she and their siblings can pay school fees
  • An education, which means the child and his or her brothers and sisters are more likely to get well-paying jobs as adults
  • Better income from work that requires an education, which lifts their entire family out of crippling poverty
  • Rising above poverty means their families will be better fed, drink clean water, have better health, become more educated, and be more likely to live the life God intended them to live
  • The ability and resources to give back to their community

A Goat Is Changing Reme’s Life

a girl with a goat
Reme and her siblings can go to school because someone like you gave them a goat through the Global Gift Guide.

Reme is 15 years old and in sixth grade. She is the second born in a family of seven siblings. There is no father in Reme’s family, only a hard-working and very busy mother.

As hard as Reme’s mother works, there just isn’t enough money to send all the children to school. So Reme and her older sibling went.

Then something happened that changed everything for this family! Because someone just like you chose to give a goat through the Global Gift Guide, Reme received a goat through World Concern. Here’s what she had to say about that:

“It means the world to me because my family was really desperate. It feels really good to know that this gift will allow my brothers and sisters to go to school. God always hears his children crying. My goat gave birth to two kids! For me it’s a miracle, because I didn’t expect that. Next year my other brothers and sisters will go to school after selling the goats. For me it’s a blessing. I say thank you to God for using World Concern to support and serve the most vulnerable in our community.”

Go HERE to give a goat through the World Concern Global Gift Guide.

Published by

Elizabeth Griffin

Elizabeth Griffin is the Senior Writer for World Concern.