Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Need some last minute holiday gift ideas?

You know the drill. Your shopping is done for the holidays. You’ve got wrapping well in hand. Your list is nearly crossed off. You’re sitting down for a well-deserved cup of coffee flavored with self-congratulations on your organizational skills.

And then you remember … Uncle Fred.

You’d give your beloved uncle the box of chocolates you’ve got on reserve for that last-minute gift … but he was diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago.

He never wears ties, so those aren’t an option.

He has a house full of STUFF and really doesn’t need anything.

But he’s coming over for your annual Christmas Eve family party for the first time since Aunt Margie passed away, and you can’t leave him out of the gift exchange. There’s got to be something meaningful and unique you can give him.

What you need are some last minute holiday gift ideas!

Global Gift Guide to the Rescue!

The answer to your pursuit of last minute holiday gift ideas for Uncle Fred can be found in the World Concern Global Gift Guide. Flip it open and take a look inside. Or go online. This gift guide contains not just one gift you can choose … it contains more than 40!

The gifts in our Global Gift Guide make an impact that changes lives. And isn’t that the best thing you could do for Uncle Fred this year? Empower him to make a difference by giving in his name.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone

Does Uncle Fred like sports? Give soccer balls in his name to a child who longs to play the game and doesn’t have the money to buy a ball.

Last minute holiday gift ideas fisherman in South Sudan.Does he like to fish? Stock a Fish Pond or give Fishing Boats and Nets to a man or woman in Uncle Fred’s honor.

Last minute holiday gift ideas a woman in Bangladesh milking a cow.Does he love animals? We’ve got a lot to choose from—goats, chickens, ducks, cows—and each of these gifts has the possibility of lifting an entire family out of poverty and influencing the generations to come.

Last minute holiday gift ideas a girl in school in Chad.Is he a retired teacher? Bless him by giving educational opportunities in his name—Furnish a Classroom or provide A Year of Education for a child in need.

Last minute holiday gift ideas a man listening to a solar audio Bible.Does Uncle Fred want to share Christ in specific, direct ways? You can honor him by giving an Audio Bible to a new believer or a Bicycle to an Evangelist or Equipping a Pastor in this year’s guide.


Take a look at the Global Gift Guide—it’s filled with many more meaningful gifts!

It’s so Simple to Give

There is no easier way to give than through the Global Gift Guide. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Choose a Gift
  2. Send a Card (personalize it and keep it for your gift exchange on Christmas Eve)
  3. Change a Life – your gift in Uncle Fred’s honor will change the life of a someone who lives in poverty, and it may just end out transforming an entire family’s future.

What are you waiting for?

Today’s the day to pick up that catalog or go online to and buy a memorable present for Uncle Fred … and maybe a few other people as well.

Let us know in the comments what you chose (we promise not to tell).

Happy Shopping!

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Elizabeth Griffin

Elizabeth Griffin is the Senior Writer for World Concern.